PARTNER PROFILE: Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha 

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Archdiocese of Arusha is committed to protecting children from harm and combatting harmful cultural practices that put children’s optimum development at risk.

In early 2020 the Diocese approached Citizens 4 Change to explore the possibility of using our bespoke SMS tech platform to popularise their Child Protection Policy. This will mean reaching 500,00 Catholics in Arusha and Manyara regions in Tanzania. We are very excited that this partnership will result in so many Tanzanian’s receiving important child protection messages. 

Jovin Riziki says: “The Archdiocese is interested to work with your Citizens 4 Change because you have such exceptional approach in addressing the critical issue of child safeguarding based on science, research, experience and technology and you uphold/appreciate the inert human capacity for change regardless of social status where someone finds him/herself. We believe that using SMS can have great social impact because there is wide use of mobile phones by community members which will increase reach and transmission of same messages to facilitate common understanding by community members.”

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  • WE BELIEVE that if every adult is empowered to protect children then we can collectively build safe and inclusive societies for everyone in Africa.

  • WE IDENTIFY Citizens 4 Change who protect children via household surveys, com-munity meet-ups and our civil society partners, finding out about their mind-sets and actions via interviews, surveys and polls.

  • WE USE CIVIC TECH to map Citizens 4 Change and visualise their impact.

  • WE EQUIP Citizens 4 Change with new knowledge, tools and relationships, via access to online courses and community conversations.

  • WE MOBILISE Citizens 4 Change to take more action to protect children, spread the word about the C4C community, create demand for their local leaders to invest in children’s services, and participate in community planning and budgeting processes.


Citizens 4 Change (C4C) is a community of East African citizens who do the right thing by children and young people. Our mission is to widen the circle of care so that every child has a trusted, supportive adult in their lives, and is protected from harm.

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